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BORGO TEXTILE di CAS.DI.T. GROUP - (English version)

CASILLO  TISSUES DIVISION GROUP is an international competitor in the world's supply of tissues of both natural and synthetic origin or mixed, printed design or solid color.

The strength of our group is the quality and the guarantee of the certified product in all its technical properties, the service for prompt shipment always smaller, technical and commercial assistance to our business partners (customers), inside in process of continuous improvement.

The business partner is a property and an investment with which it has established a  close relationship and continuous throughout the year, to deal with a global market increasingly demanding and difficult.

All this to be always up to meet the demands of our business partners within a synergy stretched to reach the utmost professionalism and ensure the real objective of the our company:


Borgo Textile S.r.l. company's flagship of CAS.DI.T. GROUP S.r.l., a strong Italian family tradition, is on the market for supplying textiles and plain and printed fabrics with all the know-how need to challenge the new millennium requires the market.

In an economic environment of strong international economic crisis, our company is able to support and assist in the production of ready to wear and programmed (woman) each kind of company; from small to big one with the advice and assistance that come from that background Mr. Giovanni Casillo has managed to transfer to the operating structure in a young and dynamic place, of course while maintaining the quality standard of the older generation had decades of experience of us.

Our operative structure allows us to respond to all customer requirements for both the type of raw materials that make up the fabric and the finishing processes in the same fabric after print with the operative background of Mr. Giovanni Casillo and knowledge acquired through years in processing of samples. Unlike the competition this know how is put at the service of our customers for success in synergy with our group. 

In a globalized scenario the choice to become a synergistic partner with our customers, become the true added value which places our group leader not only in Italy but also at international level than the market segment we serve, which by its nature is always been uprooted every form of collaborative synergy as it claim the laws of the globalized economy, in which no company can escape, to escape punishment by the market.

We are also very careful about the sustainability of our products certifying that they come from production in the absence of harmful substances from natural or artificial origin are guaranteed by the highest safety standards. Even with this choice we want to put ethics as a company that makes the moral choice of products origin, a banner in defense of nature and health by rewarding those productions careful to sound intelligent and sustainability.

In our new “vision” our business partner become strategic in achieving a common goal for the satisfaction of final customers. Our new concept of textile industry of the new millennium is that the end customer is put as first place, it is no longer only an anonymous buyer who enters in a shop to buy a product, but the most important landmark in the textile sector, to make better and satisfactory  life for all those who buy finished products.

Is therefore in this context that our group is on the market with new style and commitment as it is our way to complete with our business partner to a great challenges that market for the new millennium requires to all players in the textile industry.

For your question or request, we kindly ask you to contact us and ask for Mr. Francesco.

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